Payguns Cinnamon Star X Montecani Galaxy Moonriver

9 pups born 24th Oct 2019

All pups have homes to go to



Wess del Montecani (Imp Ita) X Fanny del Montecani (Imp Ita)

6 pups born 30th Aug 2019

11 puppies born 15th April 2018

Montecani Galaxy Moonriver to Lyndyck Fancy Fella

We have decided to use Lyndyck Fancy Fella as the sire for Tinca's litter. He is a 7 year old healthy dog who goes back to our original lines
and old Mucrone lines (Italian kennel)
These pups will be docked and suitable for working homes.


Litter born 19th January 2018

All Italian combination, Martina Junior (Imp Ita) to Ras Del Montecani (Imp Ita)

Martina is owned in partnership with my friend Jane Louise Gill and the pups will be raised at her home in Norfolk.
Pups from this combination will have a inbreeding co efficient of 0.2% which means the litter will be an almost outcross.
Ras is a very healthy 10 year old male. Marti is 4 and a half and the litter is part of our new policy to breed from older dogs to try and breed away from the breeds worst current health problems, cancer and epilepsy.

Contact Jane


Ras del Montecani (Imp Ita) X Fanny del Montecani (Imp Ita)

All Italian breeding - 8 pups, 4 dogs & 4 bitches.
Born 24th June 2017



Montecani Lucio X Emanuela Asca del Montecani

7 boys & 4 girls born 18th March 2015

All puppies promised to new owners


Hardi Noroy Du Plessy at Montecani (Imp Belg) X Montecani Rivana

Born 25th February 2014

One beautiful puppy, Montecani Ladybird



Buch del Montecani X Emanuela Asca del Montecani

9 pups born 14th February 2014

All puppies promised to new owners


Sh Ch Babiot Del Mongioie at Montecani (Imp Ita) X Tecla del Montecani (Imp Ita)

2 boys & 5 girls born 17th June 2013

All puppies promised to new owners





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