Happy 2nd Birthday, Freda, Bea and their siblings Bisto, Muk, Lui and Badger.
Tried and failed to get a pretty photo of the Birthday sisters!
Far too much excitement!


30th August

Montecani You're My Only Hope

1st Yearling Dog

27th August 2021
Judge: Max Munday


Beau (Imp Ita)

1st Yearling Dog
Bournemouth CA

Co-owned with Lynne Luff

14th August 2021
Judge: Pam Blay


Happy 10th Birthday Cuda and siblings.
Cuda is my little travelling companion who loves to share a box of KFC popcorn chicken on long trips and would happily live in the car if she could.
She also does the best morning lie ins of any dog I know!
Guess she is just a bit lazy!??


18th August

Montecani Just Freddo

1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed

Paignton Championship Show

Beau (Imp Ita)
Co-owned with Lynne Luff

1st Junior Dog


Montecani Hell You Doin

1st Yearling Bitch


7th August 2021
Judge: Jan Neil (Kevardhu)



Montecani Hell You Doin Fred

1st Novice Bitch & RCC
National Gundog
Montecani Just Freddo

1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog
National Gundog





Montecani Last Chance with Kubear

1st Graduate Dog

National Gundog

Owned by Max Munday & Mark Spalding


1st August 2021
Judge: Carolyn Fry (Bedeslea)


Montecani Just Freddo

1st Puppy Dog
ISCGB Championship Show
Montecani True Colours

1st Graduate Dog & RCC
ISCGB Championship Show



Owned by Jane Cayford



Montecani Hell You Doin Fred

1st Yearling Bitch
ISCGB Championship Show
Montecani My Precious

1st Graduate Bitch
ISCGB Championship Show




25th July 2021
Judge: Val Woodward (Connomar)




Emanuela Asca Del Montecani. 2011-2021

A very sad day at Montecani HQ yesterday. We said goodbye to Asca after a progressive degenerative disease of which we never found the cause, despite various tests. We noticed a stiffness in her rear legs a few months ago and occasional left rear leg drag. Otherwise perfectly normal in herself and I put it down to age.
The last week was the downturn and it was clear that Asca was starting to struggle, losing sight in her left eye and her balance.She stayed very close to me and I made sure she always knew where I was.
Her appetite remained and that was the hardest part of letting her go. She was all there, still stalking chickens abeit wobbly and barking at a dog that came in for grooming, tail lashing like a wild animal! The old Asca I knew so well! It was our bone of contention. Asca was a noisy sod and would also answer me back if I told her off! I will miss that feisty character.
The last morning I fed her breakfast, then we sat quietly in the living room, she knew I was there and with me by her side she went peacefully to sleep. Its a memory I treasure as for a moment, I could imagine she was still well. She looked so perfect and I snapped a last photo which I will treasure forever.
We then made that journey to the vets and she slipped peacefully away, in the back of the car with me by her side.
The end of an era, another connection to my Mum. Asca loved Mum. The other person she always loved and remembered was Helen Thomas.
Asca was my stud puppy from my Italian import Siro out of a bitch I had bred (Siena's sister)
I travelled to Shropshire those 10 years ago to pick my puppy and when I arrived, I was drawn to this beautiful pretty face, the first born pup. That was Asca. She slept all the way home to Hertfordshire in the front well.
She was a successful show dog. Perhaps if I hadnt been winding down my showing career at the time, I may have made her up to a Champion. She was a beautiful Spinone with one of the best heads, from her Mucrone ancestry.
She loved to chase and fetch a ball.
Asca had two beautiful litters and lives on through her beautiful sons and daughters and also through their progeny.
We will so miss Asca, she was truly a beautiful Spinone....except perhaps for the barking!
I hope Mum was there waiting on Asca's last journey


12th April


Wishing Twista a very Happy 12th Birthday today.
As always she wasnt keen on keeping still for a moment!
She is still my puppy who never grew up!


9th April


Happy 13th Birthday Rivana

You have gone from heart in the mouth hunter to mellow old lady with a bit of spirit!! We love you


8th Feb

HAPPY 4th Birthday to Wess today


23rd January

Not a great fan of the camera...can you tell?
Happy 12th Birthday Kallie and brother Ernie.
Remembering their siblings, Rubra, Brando, Louis, Gertie, Daisy and Mathilda


20th January



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