Happy 3rd Birthday Wess!

Bello to look at and a joy to live with. Quite simply a Good Boy.

23rd January

Happy 11th Birthday Kallie.

How lucky we were you were found in time, another week and I'm not sure you would have made it as you weighed only 18kg. A sad turn of events and a breeders nightmare, but you are home, happy and back here for life, thanks to our fabulous Spinone club rehome!
Happy 11th Birthday to Mathilda, Ernie and Gertie too and remembering dear Rubra, Brando and Louis gone too soon.

20th January


2007 to 2020

On the 12th January 2020 I had to make that hardest decision for my old dog.
I am grateful that she had a long and healthy life, but inevitably old age always catches up. Why oh why do our finest companions only live such a short time..
Siena 'so small' as she was once known(Mum used to laugh at me 'but she's huge?!) lived for food. If there was food available, Siena was there, barging through anything in her way. She had no spatial awareness!! Siena would stop at nothing for food thats how I knew she was ailing over these last few days as I coaxed her to eat. I did what we all do when caring for a poorly dog, buying in every tasty morsel possible in the hope she would eat and all would be well again. There is now cooked chicken, venison mince, trays of Forthglade etc lying sadly redundant in the fridge..
Siena's gentle gaze, always watching me these last few days and her desire to be near me was stronger than ever.
It was Mum's Birthday yesterday, hence the double sadness I hope she was waiting with a gravy bone for Longface as she called her.
This morning Siena's slow feed bowl is laying still on the side. She went though so many of them as she would break the plastic picking them up and dropping on the floor to get the food out quicker!
There's no me yelling steady as Siena ploughed her 42kg (so small not!!) towards the bowl stand for dinner, completly unaware of her 'old dog' legs or anything in her way..in fact I would always say if I fell over enroute to the bowl stand, Siena would very likely eat me too!
There won't be random bowls, spoons, knives, washing up bowl etc lying around that Siena had carefully lifted from the worktop/sink and left on the floor!
Unware of her Laryngeal paralysis, there wont be anymore dashes to the vets for antibiotics when she stole things as simple as a cooked parsnip which parts of ended up in her lungs causing aspiration pnemonia!! , Oh and the clever way she could pluck something from an open oven,something she learnt in later years !!
Born of two Show Champions, she wasnt a show dog but had two beautiful litters including our biggest litter of 13 born by C Section..Mum and I sat at the vets as the nurses kept bringing pups for us to revive, looking at each other thinking how many more ?! She did a grand job with both litters, rearing them all on her own and her love for her youngest daughter Cuda carried on all thoughout Siena's life.
Siena likened herself to a lazy matriach, often telling the other dogs off from her sofa as they wandered in and out of the room! That bit we wont miss!!
She was my old dog and things just seem so quiet when everyone wandered in after our walk.
The loss of a pack member is always so hard. I had no sleep two nights ago as I sat with her, stroking her head, she nuzzled into me and I made that decision, also hoping that the vet could work some magic and that old dog would rally as she had done many times over the last few weeks. But this time old age was upon us and that wonderful old dog slipped away peacefully with me by her side..



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