Montecani Elara at Lyndyck

1st Junior Bitch
Bournemouth CA

Owned by Lynne Luff

11th August 2019
Judge: Gael Stenton


Wess del Montecani

1st Post Graduate Dog
National Gundog
Montecani True Colours

1st Graduate Dog
National Gundog



Owned by Jane Cayford


4th August 2019
Judge: Suzanne Whittingham




Montecani Larissa (Taz) ownd by Peter and Sue Murray (Lyndyck Fancy Fella x Montecani Galaxy Moon River) gained a 4th place in puppy at Worcester Working Test out of 16 entries!

20th May 2019

Montecani She's A Rainbow over Thandiwe

Reserve Best of Breed
Chertsey & DCS

Owned by Debs Channon & Tracy Davies

19th April 2019
Judge: Linda Saich


Friday brought us more sadness with the loss of Fresca..Our Freddie. April 2006-April 2019.
After a lovely sunny Thursday, a good day, it was clear at the end of our walk that something was not right with Fresca and sadly after vets and tests, we had to let her go Friday afternoon. We were with her at the end, that tail was still wagging but her body had failed :'(
Losing 5 dogs in 2 years is pretty much soul destroying and the moral of the story is if you keep a puppy from every litter, one day you will end up with a lot of very old dogs!! Babio was 12.5 years, Uma, 13.5, Havana almost 14 years and Fresca, 13.
Dogs just dont live long enough as we all know but we just can't make them live much more than their lifespan :(
Fresca was fit right up to the end. Never an illness her whole life. More like a 2 year old in her demeanour. The only visual aging process was her greying eyebrows. Every day she was out with me around the small holding. She loved to try and catch a chicken or two as they came out of the coop and constantly banged the nest box with her nose until somone shouted 'Freddie get away from there!!!!
She was the messiest drinker ever, flooding the floor with every drink..the towel under the kitchen waterbowl has stayed dry since Friday.. :'( She would bark for water.. I miss that bark!
She would bark if she was on a raised bed and there was a dog laying in front. She was a polite, non pushy dog with impeccable manners.
She was a heavy breather though..bit much sometimes as she followed you about the garden!!! :-D
Fresca did quite well in the show ring but her favourite pastime was working and we went on numerous Hertfordshire shoots in her lifetime. Her first shoot in Somerset, she was rather rusty though and managed to clear a whole drive after following two errant spaniels!
We attempted one working test as I had got her near perfect in training, but on the day she decided she she could not remember any of it. First time nerves perhaps! :)
She was a kind and special dog. She liked to stick her cold nose in your eye socket and offer you one of her enormous paws to hold. We often quoted the line from the film I Am Legend to her 'What the Hell You Doin Out Here Fred!' She loved that, it made her bounce about!
I have cried buckets since we said goodbye, I couldnt face anything for a couple of days, but after a text from Olwen to see if I was alive and talking with Helen and Pat on the phone, I felt a bit better put things in perspective. Fresca has gone, but she had the best life, living well into old age for a dog and was so loved right up until her final breath..


Happy 10th Birthday 'Little Star' Twista and her siblings are 10 today!

She's definitely not so naughty these days although still has the nick name 'TwistaTealeaf'and will unashamedly take stuff off the worktops right in front of you..:-D Very much my girl.

Happy 12th Birthday to my Siena and siblings.

Remembering Ava, Quest and Pippa, no longer with us

19th Feb 2019


Montecani Elara at Lyndyck

Reserve Best of Breed
Best Puppy In Breed

Plymouth & DCS

Owned by Lynne Luff

9th Feb 2019
Judge: Sheila Appleby


Happy 11th Birthday, Rivana the Greyfaced Huntress.

8th Feb 2019

Happy Birthday Wess! 2 today

23rd Jan 2019

Happy 10th Birthday Kallie!

Also Birthday Wishes to Mathilda, Gertie and Ernie. Remembering the three beautiful ones no longer with us, My Rubra, Brando and Louis.

20th Jan 2019

(Little)Eva (Montecani Eva So Peachy) 2009-2019

More heartbreak and tears.Had to say goodbye to my beautiful big Girl this afternoon, after a brave, month long battle I knew she could not win. Eva was a beautiful, big,gentle girl. She never put a paw wrong and she had the biggest paws, just like her Grandad, Nando.
Eva was a gazer. One lovely memory is her sittingin the dark at the top of the garden, just stargazing. I can picture it now, just the back ofher, sitting quietly. I sat alongside her andshe turned her head to look into my eyes and wejust sat there, a perfect moment in time, foreveretched on my mind.
Eva, you made John and I laugh with your batteringdown of the dog gate into the living room andthen you would burst in at 100mph and flop downto sleep instantly, warm and happy by the log burner.
This morning I could tell you were tired. I felt we had reached the end and those big beautifuleyes of yours said the same. We sat and held pawsand everytime I moved away, those eyes were onme. You loved Mum, Eva..I hope she was there waitingfor you and you can both dance together like noone's watching.....


New arrival from the USA


Montecani Ulla Uma's Image
Born: 28th August2018

Bred by Pam Beaver and Emily Mathis from the two Montecani dogs, Bobby and Valentina that I sent out to Pam 7 and 4 years ago.



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